Are You Ready to Quit for the Last Time?

It all starts when you decide that you are DONE with carb cravings, late night snacks, broken promises to yourself and the lack of consistency in your diet and your life.

Imagine waking up each morning with absolute certainty, knowing that you will have your own back. No matter what foods you have planned, you are enjoying eating without guilt or pressure to do anything differently. You are not afraid of any food, food groups or situations because you trust yourself to take care of you. No matter what other people say or do, you are comfortable in your own skin and you know how to show up as your authentic self, for YOU.

Why Join?

There is no other program out there like this. We don't restrict, force, start over from day 1 when we fail, use supplements, diet shakes, or other crazy stuff that aren't natural. We use science to work your inherent biology to your advantage. We use neuroplasticity training to change the way you react to addictive foods, situations and people. And we never shame ourselves, we recognize that we are human and we show ourselves empathy while working through our challenges.

The changes and success you will achieve are permanent, it's a do it once and never look back program!

True Food Freedom

for Life

You will be able to effortlessly stay away from addictive foods without using willpower or removing the foods from your environment.

And when you choose to, you will be able to eat any food you like (including processed carbs) without fear of ending up on a binge if you so choose.

Trust & Confidence

in Yourself

You will be able to trust yourself to follow your plan no matter what opportunities or situations you are faced with.

Living with integrity, even during holidays and special occasions is becoming second nature to you.

Belief in Yourself & Your Capabilities

Through the daily practice of re-wiring your brain you will realize that you have a lot more power than you have given yourself credit for.

You are able to take full responsibility for the results that you have in your life and to deliberately change the trajectory of your life.

What Our Members Say

I did it! We went to dinner to my mother-in-law and I sat with my family at the table while they were eating and did not eat one bite. Even though it smelled so good, I was already stuffed by my meal before we drove. Of course, my mother-in-law tried to convince me to eat at least her strawberries because "they have no added sugar!", but I said no (ok, was more than easy because I don't like those fruits 😂). But I was surprised when my hubby answered "sugar is sugar" before I could say my "no". Love him for that! ❤️ The best was: I had not one single craving to deal with while the visit! 🥳

Para P

Making the investment to join an online course focused my mind and made me prioritise fixing this problem. What I ended up learning was very different from what I'd first expected. I actually learned to have complete food freedom, which for me personally is so much better than feeling like I'm following some special diet. I used to actually identify as a sugar addict. I don't any longer. I've learned that I can have complete control over what I eat, and that I can incorporate any type of food into my diet without sabotaging myself and ending up on a binge. It's not the food that has the power to make me binge or not - it's all me.

I have lost my 'black and white' mentality and feel free.


Wow! 🤩Even with motivational phrases you are truly volcanic! They don't come to my mind even if, reading them, they resonate with me.😊👍

I never thought I'd say this🤭 , but my habit of NOT eating sweets, which gave me a dopamine hit within minutes, but once the effect wears off, causes me a bad mood, discontent, and despondency all day long, reward with the pleasant feeling of being happy upon waking up. So in a nutshell: thanks to the fact that I don't eat sweets I'm happy!😊 Consider it your credit because you brought me to see the situation from a different perspective.🤩

Barbara Scarafiocca

Pim offers a different approach to overcoming food issues. It's a different frequency than what other people are teaching. I really enjoyed her program. She makes herself available to members to help them in any way she can!


  • Lifetime access to the course materials and worksheets via the membership portal.

  • Lifetime access to weekly coaching calls to keep you on track. Replays available.

  • Content gamification.

  • Lifetime access to private community and support every day.

  • BONUS content for deeper learning.

  • BONUS course 'Coach Yourself to Success'.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't attend the coaching calls?

All calls will be recorded and uploaded in the membership area for you to watch at a time that is convenient for you. If you have a question that you want answered but can't attend, you will be able to email in before the call.

How long will it take to finish the program?

In theory you can finish the program in as little as 3-4 weeks. However, the changes in how you respond to cravings need time to become permanent. I recommend that you focus on this program and daily practice for at least 10-12 weeks to give yourself enough time to create a new automatic response to your cravings.

How much time do I need to take part?

I recommend that you spend at least 2-3 hours per week studying the material and finishing the exercises. In addition to your self studies I also recommend that you attend or watch the replay of the weekly group coaching.

Is there 1:1 support available?

Yes, there is 1:1 support available for a discounted fee if you want that little bit of extra support when you're starting out. However, if you want weekly ongoing support, email to set up a time to talk about a more suitable program for you.

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